NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) Benefits.

NMN or also known as Nicotinamide Mononucleotide works to activate sirtuins, which are known as the longevity genes that are responsible for regulating other genes and also repairing DNA damage. Sirtuins are NAD+ dependent therefore NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is an efficient NAD+ boosting supplement that activates sirtuins in the body. NAD+ is very important in the body, it is responsible for metabolism, energy production, and gene expression.

NAD+ also has a big role in redox reaction. The most important redox reaction in the body is cellular energy production that consists of mitochondrial respiration, citric acid cycle, and glycolysis all serve a vital role in energy production in the body. Levels of NAD+ have to be found with ageing and certain diseases. Restoration of NAD+ levels with taking NMN can reverse many symptoms which are associated with chronic disease and ageing.

Therefore there are many health benefits that come with taking NMN supplement. NMN is a precursor to NAD+ which increases the production of NAD+ and reduce all the symptoms that are associated with the reduced number of NAD+ . NMN benefits the body by improving health, neurological function, insulin sensitivity, improving physical endurance and muscle strength, heart health, energy production and many others.


The ageing process affects many body functions such as vision, muscle productivity and others, NMN supplement works to enhance metabolism and prevent alternations in gene expressions when experimented on ageing mice.

Heart Disease

For the heart to function at its optimal health it needs a continuous supply of ATP to fuel its muscle contractions for beating. By taking NMN you can enhance the production of NAD+ which is essential in ATP producing reactions, therefore NMN supplements assist in improving heart health greatly. NMN also helps in the prevention of myocardial infarctions and reduces arterial aging thus preventing cardiovascular disease.


NMN helps immensely with weight loss in people, NMN helps reverse insulin resistance, improve mitochondrial dysfunction, and also helps in improving glucose tolerance where these three are the major weight gain causes in humans.

Endurance and Muscle Strength

In the normal aging process reclining physical endurance and depleting muscle strength are the normal symptoms that are unavoidable. However, with NMN supplements, it helps to enhance endurance and increase muscle strength which helps with the negative effects of the aging process.

Neurological Function

NMN is beneficial for a healthy neurological function. NMN works to prevent the buildup of amyloid-beta which is a protein that is abnormal that has effects on the brain leading to Alzheimer's disease. However the benefits of NMN go beyond Alzheimer's disease, NMN also works to maintain the brain's population of neural stem cells and reduces the negative effects of brain injury after head trauma.


NAD+ is responsible for regulating insulin in pancreatic cells which helps with the treatment of diabetes or high blood glucose levels. It was found out in the research that NAD+ is not biosynthesized normally in individuals with diabetes which causes insulin resistance. Therefore as NMN which is a precursor to NAD+ which increases the production of NAD+ assists in insulin sensitivity.

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